When I finished the portrait of her son, my collector Micki thanked me for once again capturing the magic in her children.

I love how she phrased that. The magic in her children.

It made me think about how children see life. To a child, every day is an adventure. The world is exciting and limitless - they can be anything and go anywhere.

Children are totally honest and real. They don't hide their feelings and they don’t wear masks. They ask for what they want. Children have their own interests, personalities, and perspectives that I am privileged to celebrate in my work. Every portrait commission is a new opportunity to tell the story of a child.

This month I told Henry’s story.

Henry is a rascal-y two-year-old with sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and a mischievous grin.

He loves cats (Aristocats, to be exact), his rocking horse, and trains. He's endlessly curious.

He’s not above accepting candy bribes to stand still for a picture. And why should he? He’s got places to be and things to explore. Henry is a man on the move.

Last week, Micki and Dan Martin held an intimate gathering in their home to unveil Henry’s portrait. We sipped champagne and sampled hors d'oeuvres. Before the portrait was revealed, I shared insights into my creative process and the inspiration behind this piece.

Then we unveiled.

Portrait Unveiling Party for Henry


I have am so grateful to my patrons for loving my work and trusting my vision. As a token of my gratitude I presented them with a signed copy of my book.

It's an honor to tell the story of Micki and Dan's children in my work - to capture the magic of childhood.

How will you tell your child's story?