Watch a clip of Kate's talk at Episcopal High School in Houston, TX.

You’re a huge source of encouragement and light to women. Thank you for speaking to ACF women from your heart.
— Shelli Blackburn, Women's Ministry Director, Austin Christian Fellowship
Students left the engaging presentation with a sense of confidence about following their dreams…”
— Mike Boyer, GSL Episcopal School, Memphis, TN
Her personal faith and her belief in the possibility of making the world a better place were evident and inspiring.
— Katherine Bush, Chaplain, St. Mary's Episcopal School


1. What are your talks about?

I talk about leaving the corporate world to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time artist my mission to help kids feel loved and valued for who they are.


2. How long are your talks?

About 10-15 minutes.


3. What equipment do you need?

None, but if available, a video projector, Wi-fi, and a mic. 


4. What kind of groups do you typically speak to?

Churches, women's groups, and schools.


5. What age groups of kids are good for your message?

I've spoken to kids of all ages, but typically middle-schoolers and older are the best. 



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