charcoal portrait of child in Memphis TN

charcoal portrait drawing of Noah Peterman Memphis TN  

I believe that being a mom is an awesome, profound experience. It's one of the most important jobs in the world. That's why it's become my heartfelt mission to help parents express their unconditional love for their children and help children feel valued through my art.

I’m so inspired by this mission I decided interview a few of my collectors. I wanted to understand the challenges they face raising kids in a society that (mostly) undermines the Biblical view of family and marriage. Also- what are the joys? How has having a child made them experience love differently?

This month I sat down with my friend and collector Ale.  As we watched her two boys Sam and Noah play in the yard, Ale shared with me her experiences and the lessons she’s learned as a mom and wife.

“I’ve become more humble,” she says with a laugh. “I’ve realized that it’s not about me. I have no control over these kids.”

Noah | Child's Portrait | Kate Bradley


When she had her first son, Noah, Ale experienced love in a radically different way. She loved him immediately - and knew she would give her life for him.

I asked her what she saw as her primary responsibility to her kids. What she said touched me. Above all else, Ale wants her children to know God and have a relationship with him.

Every night, she and her husband Matt go to tuck in the boys. Noah prays for his little brother Sam, sometimes asking God to heal a cut or bruise that was healed weeks ago.

Ale also wants her boys to understand that we don't deserve anything we have in live. It's all a gift from God.

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller has influenced the way she parents. “I want my children to see my husband and me happy so they feel safe and secure. It’s important that they know we are on the same page. Good communication is key. We both believe in spanking!”

What’s one piece of advice Ale would give to an aspiring wife and mother? “Make sure your relationship with your husband is strong. Don’t undermine each other. Don’t forget about each other.”