Children's oil portrait

My collector Jenna was looking for an artist to paint her daughter Jennings. She is about to turn six, right around the age I recommend for portraits. Jenna heard of me because I've painted her friends' kids. She and her husband checked out my work and liked it, so she booked a consultation with me. I liked Jennings the first time I met her. She is so warm and engaging. I hadn't been in the house five minutes when she asked if I would like to see her room.

Naturally, I said yes.

It was like all little girls' rooms should be: pink, with beaded curtains on the door frame. She proudly showed me her collection of stuffed owls (favorite animal), her surprisingly well-organized desk, and her dolls. I posed as she took a picture of me on her new camera, an honor she bestows on all of her visitors;)

In addition to having a great personality, Jennings was an ideal portrait subject. She was calm and relaxed as I took her picture, like she was used to having her portrait painted.

I was inspired by her warm personality and the way her eyes lit up when she told me about her favorite things - playing the violen, her best friend Barnes, or being a St. Mary's flower girl. Before I began painting, I knew I wanted to emphasize her big blue eyes and dimples by keeping the background light and loose.

When Jenna saw the finished portrait, she said she almost cried for joy.

Children's Oil Portrait | Jennings Goode | Memphis, TN


And I can't talk about this commission without mentioning baby Clyde. After I took Jennings pictures, he hopped up on the chair and said, “Cheeeese," which sounded more like "tchaayyyss." #babytalk.

Clyde, vying for a spot in the portrait


For real? That's too cute. Just another reason I love what I do!