William Frazee, Age 6, Oil on canvas

William Frazee, Age 6, Oil on canvas

I’ve interviewed a lot of the moms I work about their greatest challenges raising kids and the lessons they've learned.


It’s surprising, but a lot of the have the same answers. Almost all of the moms I’ve talked to share the same fears, doubts, and concerns for their kids.


1. Doing it Right!


Moms, you know that raising kids is the best feeling in the world, and also the scariest. You worry that you aren’t doing it right, or that something you say or do will scar your kids for life.


Or that you’re just not good enough. 


2. The safety and well-being of your kids. 


There’s so much that can go wrong in this world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about how to protect and provide for your kids. So much of what happens in life is out of your control.


Which leads me to the last fear…


3.  Not having control.


So much of why we worry about anything is to have some feeling of control. Control over life’s circumstances, control over how your kids are going to turn out, the list goes on a on.



Do you feel that way too?



I have a collector named Ale who says the way she deals with her fears is to pray. “It’s nice to know that God has absolute control over my boys’ life,” she says.


And also remember to take time for yourself. Whether it’s reading a good book, working out, or going out on a date night with your husband, happy moms make for happy families!


So don’t feel guilty!


And lastly, savor the fleeting moments.


My collector Deede says, “Your house may always be a mess.  Your laundry may pile up. You may not be able to form complete sentences or thoughts from sheer exhaustion, but your efforts and sacrifices will be well worth it.  


When your child grows up, he or she won’t remember if the shelves were dusted.  Your child will remember the experiences and feelings that accompany them.  


Make them good ones.