Caroline Hill, Age 5, Charcoal

Caroline Hill, Age 5, Charcoal

Gracie, Age 5, Charcoal

Gracie, Age 5, Charcoal

My collector, Kristen, is the mom of two adorable girls, Caroline and Gracie. I had the pleasure of meeting them and doing their portraits a few years ago.


(Kristen is a fellow Auburn grad and her husband is my former youth group leader).


One afternoon I had Kristen over to my studio and while she was there I asked her some questions about being a mom.


While Kristen is a great mom, she says that worrying is a daily battle. She worries that she’s not parenting the right way, not doing the right thing…


That she’s permanent “screwing” up her kids!


Sound familiar?


She says she truly couldn’t be a mom without her faith.


The only thing that saves her sanity is knowing that God loves her and her girls even more than she does.




One thing Kristen said I found really beautiful.


She said since becoming a mom she’s learned what true, unconditional love really is. 


It’s not of myself, she says. 


I just love that, because the reason I do these portraits is to help kids know they are loved and valued for who they truly are!


And I help parents show that unconditional love.


Although she has her own fears and doubts, Kristen would encourage every mom to try to find joy in every stage.


Embrace the constant change, she says. The days seem long, but the years are short. You blink and your babies are grown!


Moms, how do you experience love differently since having kids?