When you become a mom, it is the greatest feeling in the world. It can also be the scariest feeling.
— Whitney Bricken, Memphis, TN
Whitney Bricken, Age 2, Charcoal 

Whitney Bricken, Age 2, Charcoal 

Grace Bricken, Age 5, Charcoal

Grace Bricken, Age 5, Charcoal



When I asked mom Whitney what her biggest fears are as a mom, she said, "When you become a mom, it is the greatest feeling in the world.  It can also be the scariest feeling.  


You love this brand new baby so much it sometimes hurts.  It is up to you and your spouse to nourish, give affection, wisdom, discipline, life lessons, and so many other things.  


There are the bad days when you want to throw in the towel, but you can't because that's not what a mom does.  You take a deep breath and tell yourself it's going to be fine.  


However, nothing beats those days when your little one throws that unsolicited "I love you" as the scoot out the door, or the huge hug around the neck as if you have been gone for days.  It's moments like these that keep your fears at bay."


For many of the moms I talk to, the struggle with worry is a daily battle. My other collector Lindsey, says that it's important for moms to remember that each stage is a season, even the bad ones, so treasure and steward them well.


I met Whitney several years ago through another one of my clients. She had a portrait unveiling party for her son's portrait, and Whitney came.


She commissioned two charcoal portraits of her daughters Grace and Whitney, who were 5 and 2 at the time.


Through raising two girls, Whitney says she has learned that learned that ALL kids are different.  


"My girls are on two totally opposite ends of the spectrum and I love it!  Watching one follow the sports route and one explore the art world has opened my eyes to many adventures!"


She says she's also learned to I have also learned to go with the flow.  "We certainly have schedules and rules around our house, but when something does not happen in 1-2-3 order it's not the end of the world."


Being a mom is a challenge. You worry you aren't doing everything perfect, and want to savor each and every moment with your kids. 


Whitney says the one piece of advice she'd give to a mom-to-be is to make sure to take time for yourself. 


"Whether it's taking a tennis lesson, closing the door and reading a book for an hour or going to dinner with your husband.  Happy moms make for happy kids and husbands!  And seriously, when mom's not happy, no one is happy!"  


A lot of moms feel guilty about not spending every second with their kids, but your care is important too!


Take time for yourself, embrace the incredible gift of motherhood, and go with the flow:)