William, Age 3, Charcoal on Paper, Madison, Mississippi

William, Age 3, Charcoal on Paper, Madison, Mississippi

I get asked by moms all the time, “What’s the perfect age to do a portrait?”

While I’d love to an exact number down to the day and time, it really varies for each child. Generally though, between the ages of 3 and 4 hits that “perfect” spot.

Kids are not only so cute at this age, but they’re beginning to develop into grown children. They have hair (usually) and their features are taking shape. In other words, they look like how they’re going to look. I also find they understand what a portrait is and enjoy the process.

And they still have that baby cuteness – full cheeks, soft skin, as and a healthy dose of childhood wonder. I love how kids at this age already have so much personality. It’s really a joy to capture.

William's mom Lashlee told me she wanted to do these portraits because her kids were growing up so fast. She could literally see their faces and bodies changing every month. Lashlee couldn’t believe it had been three years already.

Childhood is fleeting. It’s such a short window of time before they become more independent, loose their teeth, and start dressing themselves.

What mom wouldn’t want to capture this precious time?