Ezra Ozier , Age 3, 16” x 20” Oil on canvas

Ezra Ozier, Age 3, 16” x 20” Oil on canvas

I’ve said before how much I love what I do, helping children feel loved and valued for who they are. What I haven’t talked about as much is meeting and getting to know the wonderful parents of these kids. I can just feel the love they have for them, and how much it means to have that expressed in a portrait, one they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

I’m so lucky to work with such wonderful families.

I met the Oziers several years ago when they commissioned me to do portraits of three of their four children, Noah, Eli, and Ingrid. At that time Ezra was just a baby.

Fast forward three years and it’s time for his portrait. When I came to their house over Christmas to take his photos, I was amazed at how much he’d grown and changed. Not only does he have a full head of hair, but he is the only sibling to have blue eyes.

His portrait will hang with his brothers and sister in the family dining room. He’s had to wait a long time for his;)

Noah and Eli with their portraits

Noah and Eli with their portraits

It feels great to have families like the Oziers commission me for all their children’s portraits. It’s an honor and a sign of their faith in me as an artist. I love revisiting families I’ve gotten to know over the years and seeing how much their kids have grown. It’s always amazing to me as an artist to watch their features and bodies change.

My hope is that the Oziers continue to treasure their portraits as the years go by.