James Dorman, age 5, charcoal on paper

James Dorman, age 5, charcoal on paper

What a fantastic year 2018 has been! My husband and I relocated from Waco, TX to Lynchburg, VA for his new teaching position at Lynchburg College. We’ve been in serious transition mode, but I’ve still been able to keep up with my current collectors in Memphis and pick up some more during our time in Texas.

It’s always been a dream of mine to do out-of-state commissions.

I’ve seen it as a great indicator of success in an artist’s career to be in demand enough to travel for work. I can happily say I have collectors in Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi and now Virginia, and I expect to have more in the coming years.

Have paint, will travel!

I want to thank everyone who’s commissioned me to paint their precious children.

It’s a joy and honor to capture the personalities of these little ones. It will continue to be my mission in 2019 and beyond to help them feel loved and valued for who they are.