children's portrait drawing

I was once asked if I preferred painting children or adults. Children, I said, hands down. It's the pure, angelic beauty of childhood that inspires me. Children don't need makeup or touch-ups; they are perfect just they way they are. I'm captured by their beautiful skin, glossy hair, and chubby cheeks and I love celebrating that in a work of art.

I was talking to a grandmother yesterday and we were admiring her granddaughter's alabaster skin. Your skin looks its best when you are a child, she said. Amen to that!

Recently I finished a portrait of beautiful little Gracie. Last year I drew her older sister, Caroline, and their mom told me Gracie wanted to know when it would be "her time with Ms. Kate."


Child's Portrait, Charcoal, Gracie, Memphis, TN


Gracie was a perfect little model. She was so relaxed and natural in front of the camera. It made my job easy. As I was going through her photos, I considered drawing her with a different, more serious expression on her face. But in the end decided a smile was more fitting to her personality. Gracie is always smiling, it seems.

And I have to talk about her hair, which her crowning glory. Gracie loves her hair so I wanted to make it the focal point of her portrait. As she grows up, her hair will change and she will have different cuts and styles, but her mom will always remember how much she loved her long hair - the pride she took in it.

Her mom Kristen has told me that she could not love her daughters' portraits more. She said they were worth every penny.

I know the kind of bond Kristen has her daughters from the time I've spent around them, and it's an honor for me to celebrate that and give her something she will treasure forever - portraits of her precious daughters.

What are the most beautiful features on your child, that you wish you could bottle up?