Twins Matthew and Mitchell may have been born together, but their personalities are very different. Mitchell is boisterous and outgoing, while Matthew is calm and contemplative. I took their pictures one sunny afternoon, which also happened to be the boy's birthday party. It was "Fireman" themed, naturally. There was red a yellow everywhere, with a giant stuffed dalmatian, and sandwiches from Firehouse subs. But the best part was the bounce-y gym stationed outside that the kids had an absolute blast playing in.

Matthew and Mitchell were decked out, looking adorable in their red shirts, fireman hats, and goulashes. Before I can begin a portrait I have to spend time with the children, doing the things they love to do.


Charcoal portrait, Matthew, Memphis, TN


I knew I had to capture Matthew in his fireman hat. I loved the idea of drawing him in something that he loves; that is so unique to him. It captures that spirit and magic of childhood- that complete joy and abandonment of being who you are and doing what you love. I also loved that their parents, Anne and Thayne, would forever remember their boys at this specific age and time.




And Mitchell- purely lost in the moment, having the time of his life.

Thayne and Anne were moved when they saw the portraits. Especially Thayne. He said that the boys would have their own lives when they got older, but this time was his and Anne’s.

A new grandmother expressed this same sentiment to me. She said when you’re a young mom you think you’ll remember those early childhood years, but now that her daughter is grown she’s realized you don’t remember them. You’ll have some pictures, she said, but you wont have something that really captures a specific time.

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