Children's Portraits in Oil

Recently I began a portrait commission of Haynes Kiser. I painted his older brother, Tread, a couple of years ago. It was amazing how to see how much he’s changed since then.  

Oil portrait of child


Their mom, Hart, was explaining to me the difference in the personalities of her boys. Tread is the typicall older brother- sweet, calm, compliant. Haynes is rambunctious and gregarious. Tread rolls his eyes at his brother’s antics, often miming “this guy’s crazy” behind his back.


Doing what he does best


Like a lot of young boys, Haynes loves to play outside. I tried taking his picture sitting down in various locations, but I found he was his most natural self when running around, kicking the ball, and just plain having fun.


Hart and her mother both agreed the portrait study was “so him.” Hart said it looked like he was “on the go,” which is perfect for Haynes.


Oil portrait of child


Like his brother, Haynes is wearing a simple linen shirt and khaki shorts- nice, but not too formal. Very appropriate for a boy who loves to run around outdoors.


What is so beautiful about the Kiser Boys, and what I'm so inspired by, is their beautiful, almost-white, blond hair and tan skin.


Haynes was very sweet and easy to work with, despite his inability to sit still for very long. And I got the impression that if he had it his way, the portrait would be of him on his trampoline. Perfect for him but not so inspiring for me as an artist.




I fell in love Haynes’ lively spirit. He wasn’t at all upset to have his pictures taken, but was relieved when he got to change back into his t-shirt and gym shorts.


Haynes told me about the bucket list he was working on for school. Among the items checked off was eating a hamburger for the first time. He excitedly reported that he’ll get $50(!!) for completing the list.


Hart has told me in the past how much her portrait means to her. From our time together, I know how deeply she loves her boys. I’m so excited to help her celebrate Haynes and gift her another gift that she will treasure.