When your children are young, they are completely yours. You are the center of their world. Never again will they need you like they do now. You know has special that relationship is. You also know how quickly it goes by. Parents only have a small window of time when they can really make a deep, lasting impression.

For better or worse, you are shaping your kids into who they are going to be. 

That's why these years are so precious. You have to make each moment with them count by being fully present, and by giving them your all. It's the most important job in the world.

To do your job well, you have to make sure they know their lives are important and special. You have to help them feel that they are unconditionally loved and valued for who they are.

All of the moms I work with express the same desire - to capture this special moment in their child's life because they love them so much. It's this deep, pure and true love that I'm helping them celebrate.

That's why I created three packages that are a complete celebration of a child's life. Everything from the photos I take, to prints, to stationary is all included so that you can share your child's portrait with friends and family. And of course, the custom commissioned portrait of your child.

I want to help you celebrate this precious gift God has given you. I want to honor that bond you have with them, and the amazing and awesome call of motherhood. Your kids need to know how much you love them before their grown up and out the door. You need to have these precious years captured in a timeless way.

Reserve your child's portrait today.