I am unbelievably proud and honored to be a volunteer at Streets Ministries. Last night they held their first fundraiser featuring ten portraits I did of Streets kids. I've written a lot about this project, and to see it completed was really satisfying. The night was about celebrating Streets and it's founder Ken Bennet. Like most people there, I was touched by the tribute to Ken and grateful for his service to the kids in the poor areas of our city. Streets has impacted lives for generations to come.

One thing that Ken said last night, which I've noticed doing these portraits, is that often kids like the ones at Streets go unnoticed. They come from places where no one expects them to amount to much. They aren't given opportunities to reach their full potential – something I take that for granted.


We're often told that if we work hard and believe in ourselves we'll be successful. That's partly true, but it's also true that who we are is largely determined by where we come from. That's why I wanted to do these portraits – to shine a light on a group of kids the world often overlooks. That's what Streets does, too.

I've enjoyed getting to meet each of these kids. They've taught me a lot about what it means to face hardship with a smile on your face. I'll be forever grateful for that.

If you've been blessed with opportunities in life, which you have if you're reading this, be thankful and consider supporting a place like Streets. You'll be part of doing God's work to redeem the dark places in our city and help the people who really need it.