Of all the things the moms I work with struggle with, hands-down one of the biggest things is being present with their kids. It's such a struggle and challenge in our fast-paced, over-booked world, to simply slow down and focus on enjoying the privileges of being a mom. When you're distracted, you can't be a good parent.

Our distractions can come from the outside, but so often they are internal. It's that critical, negative voice inside telling you you're doing something wrong.

Children grow up so quickly that you don't want to miss a moment. So my collectors shared with me three pieces of wisdom that help them be present during their time with their kids.

First...pray often

My collector Ale says that the way she deals with worries for her kids is to pray. Prayer helps her find peace because she knows God has absolute control over their lives.

My other collector, Lauren, says that when she realized her kids are going to be who God means for them to be, she could stop worrying about whether she was screwing them up and just focusing on enjoying them.

Are you worried you're not a good enough mom? If you are, she says, that means you're probably a great one.

Then...slow down

Half of the things we feel like we have to do this second don't need to be done then, if at all. It's so much more important to give your full-undivided attention to your kids.

That's what they need more than anything else – to know how much they mean to you. They grow up too fast, so make sure you savor every moment.

And there

This may sound obvious, but my collector Deede says that the biggest things she's learned as a mom is just to be there. Be the one who tucks them, be the one who says their prayers with them, be the one who teaches them right from wrong. Don't give that important job to someone else.

Cherish these fleeting moments knowing you have taught them they are important and loved unconditionally.

Moms, do you find it challenging to stay present with your kids? What are your biggest distractions and how do you tune them out?