I talk about this a lot, but one of the things I am so passionate about is helping kids feel loved and valued for who they truly are.


This past spring I had the opportunity to do the portraits of ten underprivileged kids at Streets Ministries. You can watch the video here.


These kids are very different from the ones I’m commissioned to paint. They often come from broken homes and bad neighborhoods. Society doesn’t expect much of them.


But in God’s eyes, they have incredible worth and value.


I’m so passionate about this mission because some of the most painful moments in my life have been when I felt like I wan’t good enough. I felt like God didn't love me, or that I wasn't cool, or pretty, or popular enough. 


I know what it’s like to have your parents break up, and even if these kids have to experience that, I want them to know their lives still matter.


So for the Streets kids, and all the kids I’m commissioned to paint, I say that you are good enough.


You don’t have to prove your worth, or be anyone other than the person God created you to be.


And it’s an honor to capture your unique beauty in a portrait. 


I love talking about my mission, sharing it with others, and inspiring them. I'd love to come share this mission with your church or school, so if you're interested let me know:)