Henry Bush, Age 5, Oil on canvas, Memphis, TN

Henry Bush, Age 5, Oil on canvas, Memphis, TN

Every kid wants to know that their life has meaning and value. They want to know they matter. 


They want to be known for who they are and loved for who they are. Not for who others wish them to be, or for some unrealistic expectation that they’ve put on themselves.


I know this because some of the most painful times in my life have been when I let other people dictate my worth and value. Or when I set up certain standards for myself that I failed to meet, and felt like I had no value. 


So it’s really important to me that these kids know they are loved unconditionally by their parents. 


Because that’s your most important job as a parent, right? Beyond providing for their basic needs, it’s to help your kids feel unconditionally loved and valued. 


If every kid in the world knew that, wouldn’t it be a completely different place?


You want your kids to know how much you love them.


I talk with the moms I work with about this all the time. There biggest fears are that their kids won’t be happy. They feel like they’re screwing them up if they have to send them to timeout. 


So these moms make sure to tell their kids how much they love them, even on the bad days. Because that’ s the most important thing they want them to know. 


That they are loved unconditionally.


And so when I’m doing these portraits, it’s a testament to that love.


It’s a really unique expression of that love. 


Your child, all children, have magic in them. They are uniquely made, and are the most precious gifts in the world. 


And to have that foundation of knowing how much you love them is what they need more than anything.


How will you show it