Tanner Sherman, Age 5, Oil

Tanner Sherman, Age 5, Oil

Cannon Sherman, Age 5, Oil

Cannon Sherman, Age 5, Oil

Walter Sherman, Age 5, Oil

Walter Sherman, Age 5, Oil

My collector, Deede, is the mom of THREE triplet boys, Tanner, Walter, and Cannon.

She says the best advice she'd give to a mom-to-be is to not sweat the small stuff so that you can be in the moment with your child.

If anyone would know, it's Deede:)

I hear this from moms all the time, how hard it is just to live in the moment with your kids. There's so much externally to worry about, not to mention your own fears and hang-ups about being a mom.

So I think Deede's advice is really important:

"Your house may always be a mess.  Your laundry may pile up. You may not be up on current events…social, local, national, or international. 

You may not be able to form complete sentences or thoughts from sheer exhaustion, but your efforts and sacrifices will be well worth it.  When your child grows up, he or she won’t remember if the shelves were dusted. 

Your child will remember the experiences and feelings that accompany them.  Make them good ones."


There's nothing I can really add to that. 

One last thing Deede said about being present is to create an a safe and loving environment in which your kids can make mistakes without fear. 

Cherish these fleeting moments knowing that you have taught them that they are important and that they are loved unconditionally.

That last part, that's my mission. To help kids know they are loved and valued unconditionally.