Charcoal portrait of children

Jasmine Johnson and her portrait  

Thirteen-year-old Jasmine just started her freshman year of high school. Jasmine is bright and friendly. The never-met-a-stranger type. She's quick to assume leadership roles and because she loves to help people, she dreams of one day becoming a lawyer or counselor.



Jasmine lives alone with her mom, and has a distant relationship with her dad. She often wonders why he doesn’t want to spend time with her, despite her efforts to get to know him.


My mom and I have had the privilege of mentoring Jasmine through Streets Ministries.


Thanks to the goodness of God, Streets has become a surrogate family to Jasmine and countless other kids, providing support, encouragement, and help to meet their needs. My prayer for her is first that she will know Jesus as her Lord, but also that she would have the same opportunities for a good life that I have had. I want her to know her life has meaning and that her dreams and aspirations matter.


Jasmine’s story is a on-going reminder of how much children need stable homes.


Families are under attack today. The traditional family unit is being undermined, and as a result families are falling apart. It’s not hard to see the devastating affects this has had on children and society as a whole. Personally, watching my parents split when I was in college was one the hardest things I have ever been through. I know that many people come from similar or worse circumstances, and it breaks my heart.


That’s why is my artistic mission to help families celebrate their relationships by honoring their children. This is a heartfelt mission and I one that I deeply believe in. The way I accomplish this mission –through custom oil and charcoal portraits that celebrate the individuality of a child- is totally unique. Nothing quite honors a child like a portrait.


I believe that families are the bedrock of society and the best place for children to find love, acceptance and security. My job is the help parents express their love for their children and to help children know they are unconditionally valued and accepted.


It's for this reason that I'm partnering with Streets to honor kids like Jasmine through my art. I will complete a series of portraits to donate to the families of select kids and raise awareness of the need in our community to help these children. Because their futures are ours.