Taking care of triplets boys is a tall order. Just ask my friend and collector Deede. Her six-year-olds Walter, Cannon, and Tanner keep her very busy. Last year I had the privilege of painting portraits of her boys and getting a brief glimpse into the crazy, fun, and exhausting world of the Sherman Family.  

Commissioned Oil Portrait of Child


I wanted to know more about what's it's like to be a mom to triplets, and Deede was kind enough to offer her insights. When I asked her how she had changed since becoming mom, she said the greatest impact it has made is on her priorities. Before she was pregnant, Deede worked many years establishing a career, and she her husband Scott assumed she would go back to work after her having kids. But when they found out it was triplets, they decided it would be best for her to stay home. Her priorities shifted and it was now her main job to care for these new boys.

Deede considers this new calling a blessing and a privilege. The greatest lesson her parents taught her about being a mom is to be present. Be the one who teaches your children right from wrong.  Be the one who kisses their boo boo's. Be the one who tucks them in at night, says their prayers with them, and wishes them sweet dreams. Be the one creates a safe and loving environment in which to learn, explore and be able to make mistakes without fear.

Cherish these fleeting moments knowing that you have taught them that they are important and that they are loved unconditionally.


Children's Portrait Painting


The mission of my business is to help parents like Deede cherish those fleeting moments of childhood through my work. By capturing their children, I help families experience deeper and more meaningful relationships. Their children know they are loved and valued.


Tennessee portrait artist


I enjoy each and every commission I paint and the children and families I work for. My work is about a lot more than the paintings I create. I serve a greater mission that's about upholding and nurturing family relationships.

What could be more important than that?