tennessee family portrait artist
tennessee family portrait artist

The responsibility of raising kids can be overwhelming. The list of daily tasks –making lunches, taking them to school, going to soccer games, helping them with homework – goes on and on and every day can feel like groundhog day. As my collector Deede told me when she looked at the pile of clothes in her kitchen, “It never ends, Kate!”

Because raising kids is a full-time job, moms often forget that they need care themselves. You don’t loose your interests once you become a mom, so it’s really important to remember to do the things you love, too.

Get a mani-pedi, take a tennis lesson, go on date-night with your husband, or go to a fun event with friends. My collector Colleen says her “me” time is working out. It keeps her sane during the craziness that comes with raising three young boys.

She says it helps her be a better mom, because she gets refreshed and re-energized, and she’s much less likely to overwhelmed and frustrated with her little ones.

As my collector Whitney says, when mom’s not happy, no one is happy!

So don’t feel guilty about taking time out for yourself. You owe to your husband and kids to be on your A-game. Give them the best of you.