When I asked my collector Micki what her greatest fear was as a mom, she said it's knowing that one day she will have to let them go and hope she did the best job she could raising them. 

A lot of the moms I work with share her fear. They worry something they say or do might be screwing up their kids, or that their child won't know how much she loves them. They all worry about missing moments because they are distracted.

Being a mom is a huge responsibility.

I met Micki several years ago. She heard about my work through her friend Colleen, who commissioned me to paint portraits of her sons. The first portrait I did for Micki was of her oldest child, Francis. When I met her I thought she was just as cute as pie. She took me up to her beautiful blue room and we played with her dollhouse. 

Francis Martin, Age 3, Oil

Francis Martin, Age 3, Oil

Francis is very sweet and girl-y. She has beautiful blue eyes and a sparkling personality. In her portrait, I captured her on the stairs holding a white gardenia. The afternoon light was beautiful on her – she looked like an angel.

Henry Martin, Age 2, Oil on canvas

Henry Martin, Age 2, Oil on canvas

Last year I painted Micki's two-year-old son, Henry. Henry the Handful. I was instantly drawn to his silky dark hair and rosy cheeks. He was bouncing all around the house when I took his pictures, many of which are a blur. Because his personality is so bold, I wanted the background of the portrait to reflect that. That's why I chose to paint him in front of the red couch. I also loved the way it complemented his blue shorts.

I'm obsessed with his little socks and shows. I love how the portrait really captures his personality, or as Micki says, his "magic." It looks like he is on the go, which is a perfect way to describe Henry. 

Micki is a wonderful mom, and a delight to work with. She believes that her son and daughter are truly the most wonderful gifts from God, and she is learning (the hard way!) that nothing has to be perfect. Like so many of the moms I talked to, Micki says that if you don't slow down and enjoy them in the present, it's going to get away from you. Fast. They will be taller, chattier, wiser...all in the blink of an eye, she says. 

The one piece of advice she'd give to a mom-to-be: stop and enjoy as many moments as you can with them. love them, teach them, learn from them. Sometimes their simple thoughts and words can be so powerful, and you stop and are truly thankful for the precious gifts that God gave you.

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