Biggest fears of being a mom is not having any control over my children’s life. I love them so much and I fear that something bad is going to happen to them. I often fear that they are going to get a terrible sickness. Or that someone is going to hurt them. So many wrong things going on with our world that my source of worry can really be an endless battle.
— Ale Peterman, Mom
Noah Peterman, Age 2, Charcoal on Paper

Noah Peterman, Age 2, Charcoal on Paper


My friend and collector Ale, says one of the biggest fears she has as a mom is not having any control over her childrens lives.


This is true for so many of the moms I interview.


From worrying about something bad happening to them, to whether or not you’re doing a good enough job, being a mom can be a daily struggle with worry.


So what can you do?


Ale says the only way to deal with her fears is to pray. It gives her peace to know that God has absolute control over her kids’ lives. 


I met Ale several years ago when I did charcoal portraits of her two beautiful boys, Noah and Samuel. They are both so sweet and friendly, and when they look at you with those blue eyes your heart just melts.


Samuel Peterman, Age 2, Charcoal on Paper

Samuel Peterman, Age 2, Charcoal on Paper

Noah is a protective and caring brother to Sam. He prays for him and watches out for him, Ale says.


It was such a joy and honor to capture these precious boys. Ale and her husband Matt are great parents, and I loved working with them.


When I asked Ale what were the two greatest lessons she’s learned as a mom, she said love and humility. Because she never knows what her boys are going to do in any situation, she realizes her lack of control. She never understood the depth of a mother’s love until she has kids of her own. 


Her best piece of advice for a mom-to-be is to keep the baby on schedule from the beginning. As a new mom you are so sleep deprived, that having a baby on schedule will help him/her sleep better and longer and the mom too!


Mom, how do you keep your fears at bay?