Dhilan Madasu

painted portraits of children  

My wish for all children is that they grow up in a stable, two-parent home, where mom and dad love each other and the kids go to bed at night feeling happy, safe, and secure.


This might sound like a Norman Rockwell 1950's fantasy. In a society broken by divorce, these types of families are few and far between. I believe that's because our families are under attack. We live in a culture that encourages people to leave marriages when it no longer suits them, and tells single girls they don't need a dad to raise kids. Celebrities make living together cool (cough, Brangelina, cough) and we are told constantly that the "modern family" is whatever you want it to be. Dads and moms are interchangeable. Kids will come out the same, either way.


Well, I don't believe that's true and the evidence is everywhere.


Growing up, my parents didn't have a healthy marriage and it hurt my sister and I deeply. I say this with tears in my eyes, because I love my parents so much and know it's not easy. The kids I work with at Streets Ministries come from much worse. Many don't know their dads, grow up in rough neighborhoods, and have to deal with things no child should ever experience.


The traditional family unit has always been the bedrock of American society. As we continue to loose sight of that, we will suffer for it. The family structure of a married mom, dad and kids is built that way for a reason. It matters.


Growing up in a loving, stable home is the best gift parents can give their kids. Obviously, we live in a imperfect world, where event the best parents can't produce perfect kids, but shouldn't this be ideal we strive for?


My own experience and my deeply held beliefs are the reason I do what I do. My mission to help families honor they love they feel for their children through my art. I believe that when children know they are loved and valued, it makes our world a better place.