portrait of child in oil memphis tn I don't advertise. Most of my business comes by way of referral. That's why I always ask my collectors if they can think of one or two people like themselves who might be interested in my work.

It’s a wonderful compliment when I receive a referral. It means my collector liked my work and enjoyed working with me enough to recommend me to their friends. Portraits are very personal and people only want to work with artists they like and can trust.

Getting a recommendation from a friend is like their seal of approval.

I was just talking to my friend and collector, Deede Sherman, this morning. Deede told me she had a friend, who is also her son's godmother, who has three kids, one of whom doesn't have a portrait. She gave her friend a heads up and said she would be expecting my call.  I am humbled and grateful that she likes me enough to promote me to her friends.

Another example of a referral I got was through my collector Bethany Owen. Bethany told her friend Sara Madasu about the portraits I was doing of her sons, and Sara commissioned me to paint portraits of her four children. Another client of mine, Colleen, introduced me to two of her friends, Micki Martin and Whitney Bricken, who also commissioned me to paint their children.

My speciality is painting and drawing children, so not everyone is a good fit for my work, and that's ok. That's why I ask my collectors if they can think of anyone like themselves who might be interested in my work. More than likely the people they hang out with have children, too.

I also realize that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you want a portrait, nor does it mean I will paint them. I only have a limited number of bookings each year.

But my current collectors are my number one source of new business. So to you who have referred me, my deepest and sincerest thanks. I am truly honored.