hand painted portraits of children

It's been an exciting week in my studio. Recently I finished a big project: three full-length oil portraits of five-year-old boys Cannon, Walter, and Tanner. I have loved getting to know my collectors, Deede and Scott, and there three adorable triplets.

From the moment I met Deede, I could tell how much her boys meant to her. She showed me their baby pictures and told me about how each one has their own personality. Of course, all three like playing sports and climbing trees, but when I met them I could see what she meant.


Cannon is mischievous and rambunctious. Definitely not an introvert. When I was taking his picture, he took me all over the house, showed me his toys, and performed all his ninja moves for me. His portrait captures him "in- action," which I think is appropriate for someone with his out-going personality. He’s also got that twinkle in his eye, which Scott said means, "I’m about to do something, but I’m cute so you can’t stop me."

Oil Portrait of Child, Memphis, TN

Tanner is shy and so sweet. He has the cutest little rasp-y voice and was perhaps the easiest to photograph, a natural in front of the camera. I didn't have to tell him to how to smile or pose. Deede said he always wants to toss the baseball, so it's perfect to have him with his ball and glove.


And Walter. Walter is the same age as his brothers (obviosuly) but he’s a little bigger and he stood out to me as the leader. He was quite and confident, and a little shy in front of the camera. But I saw him in his element hitting balls with his dad. You can tell the other boys look up to him.

It was such a blessing for me to celebrate the uniqueness of Scott and Deede's children. It was inspiring to see them in their natural element- playing outside, climbing and exploring, and having adventures. I love their similarities, as well as their distinct personalities.

As the boys grow up, I know it will mean so much to their parents to have captured this special time in their lives.