Being a mom can be a daily battle with worry. The moms I work with tell me that their number one fear is that they just aren’t doing the right thing or are not doing enough as a parent. They are afraid of missing something, whether that’s a moment, a season, or a stirring in their child’s heart. They fear for their children’s welfare, and want to protect them from physical and emotional pain.

It’s easy to let these fears overwhelm you and rob you from enjoying the precious gifts your of your children.

So how do you deal with them?

Realize that your kids belong to God.

You are not in control. The sooner you realize that, the happier you and your kids will be. My collectorKristen says that the only thing that saves her sanity as a mom is knowing that there is a God who loves her and her kids more than she ever could. That means you can trust Him with their lives.

Be present.

God has entrusted your kids to you, and you are the only one who can fulfill that role as their mom. So you need to be present. One mom puts it like this – your shelves might not be dusted and the laundry might be sky-high, but your kids are going to remember the moments you share with them, so make them good ones.

Pray often.

In Thessalonians it says that we should “pray continually.” God doesn’t want us to be anxious or fearful for anything. He cares about each and every circumstance that troubles us, and he is able to save. So pray often.

Moms, how do you deal with your fears for your kids? Have you been able to find freedom?