By Kate Bradley 5 August 2013, 8:34 AM  

I'm always thinking of fun ways to continue my relationships with clients. It's my mission to celebrate them and their kids. I thought that it might be fun to have a play-date at my studio for a client and a couple of her friends to expose their children to the art-making process. I invited one of my favorite clients, Lauren, and she brought her twins and three of their friends.

It was such a neat experience for me to have all these cute girls in my studio and to teach them how to do what I do. We did self-portraits and I showed them how to draw the basic features of a face while encouraging them to draw their own hair, eyes and clothes. They ran with it, and made the cutest little paintings.

The moms and I chatted and laughed about their daily duties, handling all the craziness and trying to steal those precious few moments to have conversations with adults. One told me how her kids have a sixth-sense; the moment she gets on the phone and they come charging in demanding attention. Another told me how she knows you aren't supposed to talk and text while driving but that it's literally the only chance she has to get in touch with people. Too funny.

The different personalities of the girls were exposed while they painted: some were proud, some frustrated, and some were battling perfectionist tendencies, which I can totally relate to. It's hard being an artist:)

Until next time,