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By Kate Bradley 15 August 2013, 9:14AM  

Yesterday Chris, Kristen, and their daughters Caroline and Gracie gathered in my studio to see Caroline's charcoal portrait for the first time. If you remember, Kristen was the client I wrote about here.

I have known Chris for many years, starting back when he was a leader in my church's youth group. I love Chris and it was really fun for me to get to work with him and his family. Yesterday he was running a little late, and made us promise not to look at the portrait until he got there. While we were waiting, I asked Caroline if she was excited. She said yes. I asked her how it made her feel to have her portrait drawn. Good, she said.

When I led them back to my studio, her parents were overjoyed. Kristen told me she wouldn't stop looking at it. She was sad that she couldn't take the portrait home now because it had to go to the framer's first.


There was a hilarious moment when Chris started talking to the portrait as if it were Caroline. Daddy, Daddy! I'm right here! Caroline would protest. Shhh, I'm talking to Caroline, Chris said.

photo-27 copy

Later Kristen sent me this picture. It's so sweet for me because I genuinely love her and had a great time creating her portrait. I kept thinking the whole time: she looks like an angel. I love her straight eyebrows and blond curls.

I know how much Caroline likes art, she even won a contest at school, so I invited her and a friend over for a play-date at my studio. Caroline and Kristen loved the idea. Play-dates are just another way I add value to my clients' lives and continue our friendships because I truly enjoy them and their children.


















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