Whitney Bricken, Age 3, Charcoal

Whitney Bricken, Age 3, Charcoal

Children grow up fast. One thing I hear consistently from moms is how quickly they see their kids' features changing. Before you know it, they're teenagers (yikes!)


There is only so much precious time.


There’s stuff that everyone says you “need” to do, but I’m talking about the kind of advice your grandmother gives.


Wisdom that stands the test of time.


So in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 wise words of advice to help you be more present with your kids:

Take care of yourself, embrace any help that is offered and lastly, my Grandmother’s advice to me: “Children are life renewing, slow down and enjoy every moment.
— Sara Madasu, Memphis, TN
Stop and enjoy as many moments as you can with them.
— Micki Martin, Memphis, TN
Have fun and don’t be so hard on yourself.
— Lauren Keras, Memphis, TN
Try to find joy in every stage and embrace the constant change as best you can.
— Kristen Hill, Memphis, TN
When your child grows up, he or she won’t remember if the shelves were dusted. Your child will remember the experiences and feelings that accompany them. Make them good ones.
— Deede Sherman, Memphis, TN


Btw, these words and more are in my book, Lessons of Love, which would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


So let’s hear it. What’s the best motherhood advice you’ve been given?


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