Anna Jane Johnson, Age 4, Oil on canvas

Anna Jane Johnson, Age 4, Oil on canvas

I met precious little Anna Jane last December in Austin. Her mom, Ellyn, had saw my feature story in Memphis Magazine and contacted me about a commission.  


Even though I don't live there any more (proud Texan now) I frequently travel to do commissions. I met Ellyn and Anna Jane when they were coming through Austin on a family trip, and took the pictures at their hotel. 


Anna Jane is 4, and I just loved capturing her at this special time in her life. I remember thinking how delicate her features were, and her personality was friendly but also a little reserved. I think her expression really captures that. 


I usually take the pictures in the family's home, but because we were in a hotel I didn't want much of the background to show. I think it works really well for this portrait, because the focus is all on her. I kept the background loose and with a soft palette that compliments her perfectly.


Ellyn was really nice and easy to work with. I always ask the moms who commission me to share the best piece of advice they'd give to a mom-to-be. Ellyn said,


"Take care of find a moment of pleasure in every day, whether it's reading a book, a manicure, a TV show, sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee, a devotion, meditation, exercising, etc. A few quiet minutes a day helps you to focus, be more present, and in turn, be a better mom."