Welby , Charcoal on Paper, 11"x14"

Welby, Charcoal on Paper, 11"x14"

This past Christmas I finished a portrait of Welby for my friends The Love Family. A few years ago I did a portrait of his older brother Virgil.

I remember when Courtney was pregnant with Welby while I was working on Virgil's portrait, and now three years have passed. I'm always amazed by how time flies, and how quickly kids grow up. Virgil had changed so much from when I last saw him.

Courtney wanted portraits because she said she wanted something more substantial than just photos of her kids to hang on her wall. She wanted something special to mark this precious time, something she'll have for the rest of her life. 

This time is so fleeting, as all moms know. 

Virgil on the day I delivered his portrait.

Virgil on the day I delivered his portrait.

I'm often asked what the best time is to do a portrait. I think around 3 or 4 is that perfect "sweet spot" when a child's personality is starting to shine and when their features are more developed. They just look so cute. 

Lee and Courtney were so pleased with how the portrait turned out. Welby's happy, sweet personality was really captured, they said. 

I love being able to work with the same families year after year. I'm very selective about who I work with, and it's a small group of clients. This allows me to really get to know them and their kids which helps me create a portrait that's really special. It also allows me to make them a priority because my time is limited.

I hope Courtney and Lee decide to have more kids because they're a delight to work with and those boys are so cute!