Kathryn Bragg, Age 12, Charcoal 

Kathryn Bragg, Age 12, Charcoal 


Kathryn's mom, Laurence, wanted to commission a portrait of her daughter because she's at a special time in her life. I met Laurence last year at a Christmas party thrown by her mom in Houston. 


Kathryn is twelve, a young lady on the brink of womanhood.


My first impression of her was that she looked like a Botticelli painting with her classical features. We took the pictures at her grandmother's house in Houston, and there were so many good ones it was hard to choose! 


Kathryn is soft-spoken and intelligent. Laurence says she's not your typical twelve year old – she's creative and inquisitive, and loves to read. 


Me, Kathryn, and her portrait

Me, Kathryn, and her portrait

Laurence has watched her grow and change over the years, and says one thing she's learned is to take motherhood one day at a time and enjoy it because the time flies.


That's something I hear from moms all the time. Kids grow up quickly! You have to savor each moment


I asked her what her best piece of advice is for a new mom, and she said, "Start praying now for them to be who the Lord has called them and designed them to be. He has already designed them! You just pray into it and He will lead you about what to pray for them."


Love that!


Moms, how do you see your kids growing and changing? Please leave a comment below!