Kennon Humphreys, Age 8, Oil on canvas

Kennon Humphreys, Age 8, Oil on canvas

My collector Betsy is a working mom who has struggled with the guilt of not being at home with her daughter full-time.


But she's come to realize over the years that it's more about the quality, not quantity, of time she spends with Kennon.


"My advice for mothers is to be intentional with your time, regardless of what the quantity of the time is spent with your child on a daily basis.  Every moment is a gift for mother and child (even when it doesn’t feel that way)," Betsy says.


I know stay-at-home moms say they struggle with this too, being present with their kids and enjoying the fleeting moments.

Kennon, her portrait, and Eleanor

Kennon, her portrait, and Eleanor


When I asked Betsy about the top two lessons she's learned as a mom, she said true forgiveness and openness to change. 


Forgiveness, because children let go and don't hold your faults over you. 


"They will almost immediately forgive and forget in the purest way," Betsy says. "It has taught me to try to do the same."


And openness to change because, well, you have kids!


Things rarely go as planned, and sometimes that can be a good thing. She says some of her favorite moments with Kennon have been when their plans have changed.


I absolutely loved getting to know Betsy and her daughter, and capturing her sweet personality in a portrait. I hope it helps Betsy treasure their relationship even more:)