Charcoal portrait of child

Ari_web By Kate Bradley 4 November 2013, 8:02AM

That’s what I heard from two of my clients when I revealed the recently completed charcoal portrait of their son. They expressed how cute he looked. His mom said she wished she had gotten charcoals done of her other kids when they were young, too.


My clients loved the way his little hands looked, like he was nervous and shy. They said he twisted in fingers like that often.


Often my clients will commission a charcoal portrait when the child is young, around two or three, and an oil portrait when they are a bit older, around 4, 5, or 6. Moms tell me that they love the way they look at 2, and want to capture that time as well, without having to invest in a full-length oil. This need inspired me to offer the Legacy Collection, which is a series of three portraits at different stages in the child’s life: a small charcoal at 2, a ¾ length oil at 4, and a full-length oil at 6, or whatever ages the parents want. Because children change so much during this time, I wanted my clients to have a way to capture each moment. It’s kind of like school pictures.

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