Charlie Grant, Age 3, Oil on canvas

Charlie Grant, Age 3, Oil on canvas

Emmie Grant, Age 1, Oil on canvas

Emmie Grant, Age 1, Oil on canvas

Last week I finished two commissions of brother and sister, Charlie and Emmie. Their mom, Annie, saw my work on the Dallas blog, Do Say Give. (It's fabulous, you should check it out!)

Annie and her fam were living in California at the time, planning to move to Dallas.

So we made plans to meet up once she got to Texas.

During our consultation, Annie said she really wanted to capture this time in her kids' lives, and the way they look at this age. And it's true, most moms tell me they are amazed at how quickly their kids features change. 

Annie was a delight to work with, and I loved getting to know her kids.

Charlie is spunky and energetic. He loves attention, Annie says. What really caught my attention about him were his big blue eyes, which I made a feature of the portrait. 

Emmie is small and delicate, like a doll. She was actually sick the first time I took her pictures, so I didn't get a true sense of her personality. When I came back for a second round, I saw that she was such a happy, sweet child. He parents have this joke that she looks like an old lady, which is kind of true!

When Annie saw the portraits, she loved them! She said I captured her kids perfectly, which is always great to hear.

That's what my work is all about – capturing the personalities of kids so they feel loved and valued for who they are:)