Houseal Family Portrait

By Kate Bradley 28 March 2014, 1:10 PM The relationship a mom has with her child is special. The Bible says that we were knit together in our mothers wombs, so mothers are our first connection to the world. It's a blessing to be a mom!

I hear people say that you don’t’ realize your capacity to love until you have a child. I believe that’s true. I see it in the faces of the moms I work with. When a portrait brings tears to their eyes, I feel how much they love their children. I hope to have kids of my own one day so I can experience that love.


Webb's Child Portrait Unveiled


My client and friend Micki came to my studio yesterday to see the finished portrait of her son Henry. She gasped when she saw it. She said what a little rascal he is. Later, she told me she and her husband were thrilled that I was able to once again capture the magic of their children!

I just love that. There is a magic in childhood.

My portraits are symbols of that motherly love. All the time, energy and sacrifice it takes to raise kids. You really do give your lives to them.

Growing up, my mom worked so we could have a good life. There were probably some dreams she sacrificed so she could take care of me and my sister. She made sure I had all my school supplies, took care of me when I was sick, and put me in art class. She's also my favorite shopping buddy. I know I can always trust and rely on her. She will always speak truth to me (sometimes annoyingly so.) But I know she's right. And that she has my best interest at heart.

As Mother's Day approaches, I feel especially blessed to celebrate the awesome, beautiful role of motherhood. The moms I paint for care so, so much about their children. What an honor to spotlight that relationship in my work.


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