Children's Art Activity

This month I hosted a Back-to-School painting party for moms and kids to bring their backpacks, TOMS, or school supplies to decorate.  

It's part of a new series of events called Saturday in the Studio, which will take place on the first Saturday of the month in my private live/work studio in the South Main arts district. It's open to anyone who joins my email newsletter.


The results were amazing. I was absolutely in love with Callie’s hand-painted TOMS. This girl’s going to have the coolest kicks in school, no doubt.


Callie, putting us all to shame


Among the guests who attended was my friend Julie, who is the assistant curator at the Dixon, and her adorable two-year-old daughter Marie.


Marie used her superb painting skills to create this abstract piece.


Marie, the early years


It’s a privelage for me to help moms and their children celebrate their relationships and make memories. That’s the mission of my creative enterprise and the fuel behind my work.


I remember how important it was for me to have parents who supported and fostered my creativity, so I love helping others do the same.


Back-to-School Painting Party


After the activity, I took the girls back into my studio to show them where I work. As a young girl who dreamed of one day being a full-time artist, it would have meant a lot to actually visit a working artist’s studio and paint with her.