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Are we raising a generation of jerks?


Dr. Deborah Gilboa, pediatrician and child development expert, says household chores have more to do with the character of your kids than you might think.


She says parents today tend to focus more on what their kids are achieving than who they're becoming. In her talks with successful Silicon Valley parents, she found that most of them had chores growing up, but very few gave their own kids chores.




Because their kids had such enormous work loads with school, sports, and other activities, they didn't want to add any more "to dos" to their lists. 


But this can hurt our kids, Deborah says, because it send the message that achievement takes priority over character. 


And chores like taking out the garbage teach kids responsibility and the importance of contribution. Which, in turn, makes them happy. You can watch her TED here.


Parents, do you agree? How do you teach your kids that who they are is more important than what they achieve?


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