• Third Thursday Party: Game Night

    At the Private Studio of Artist Kate Bradley

    Thursday, July 24th 6:00pm - 7:30pm

    721 Litty Court, #302

  • "I loose my breath when I walk by it.”

    Jenna Goode, Memphis, TN

  • "Kate's artwork is classic and fresh. Just breathtaking."

    Micki Martin, Memphis, TN  

  • "Our portraits are a family heirloom we plan to pass on."

    Ben and Lauren Keras, Memphis, TN

  • "It's my most prized possession.”

    Hart Kiser, Memphis, TN   



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Kate takes pictures of your child in a variety of poses and settings.



The portrait completion is
celebrated with a
Portrait Unveiling Party

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Child's Portrait, Charcoal, Gracie, Memphis, TN

What are your child’s most beautiful features?

I was once asked if I preferred painting children or adults. Children, I said, hands down. As I was explaining why, I realized that the natural beauty of childhood is what captivates me.
Children don’t need makeup or touch-ups; they are perfect just they way they are. I’m so inspired by  their beautiful skin, glossy hair, long eyelashes, and chubby cheeks, that I want to capture it in a work of art.
I was talking with a grandmother yesterday and admiring her granddaughter’s alabaster skin. Your’e skin doesn’t get any better than when you were a child, she said. Amen to that!
Recently I finished a portrait of beautiful little Gracie. Last year I drew her older sister, Caroline, and their mom told me Gracie wanted to know when it would be “her time with Ms. Kate.”

Gracie was a perfect little model. She was so relaxed and natural in front of the camera. It made my job easy. As I was going through her photos, I considered drawing her with a different, more serious expression on her face. …