You are their world. They are yours.

Celebrate it.

What Collectors Say

exceeded our expectations

Lauren Keras, Memphis, TN

makes me loose my breath

Jenna Goode, Memphis, TN

captures the magic in my child

Micki Martin, Memphis, TN

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The Commission Process


1. Initial Consultation

Let’s meet and decide if it’s a good fit.


4. Portrait Study

I create a small study of the portrait for your approval.


2. Size Selection

Patrons may choose from three sizes.


5. Initial Viewing

Come to my studio to see your child’s portrait for the first time!

3. On-site Photo Session

Schedule an on-site photo session of your child.

6. Delivery

Your portrait arrives framed and ready to hang.



1. What’s the best age to do a portrait?

Most of the kids I paint are between 2 and 7.

2. What are your prices?

Prices are based on size. Patrons may choose from sizes ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

3. How long does it take you?

It depends on the photo shoot. When that’s scheduled, I can give you a better idea of when the portrait will be completed.

4. Can you paint from a picture I give you?

No. I come to your house and take the photos.

5. How do you decide on the background?

I choose the environment that is best suited to the child based on my time with them and my artistic expertise.

6. Do you do out-of-town commissions?

Yes. I charge a premium for portraits outside the Memphis area.

7. Can you paint both of my children together?

I don’t do group portraits. My work is about celebrating the individuality of a child. I can’t do that in a group setting.

8. Do you do pastel? 

No, I only do oil and charcoal portraits.

9. I was thinking about waiting until my child is a little older. Can I just call you then?

Sure, but I only accept twelve commissions a year and I typically books up months in advance.

10. What happens if I don’t like the portrait when it’s finished?

Your satisfaction and the quality of the work is my highest priority, that’s why I create a study of the portrait for your approval.

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Meet Kate

Kate Bradley is a Memphis-based artist who paints portraits of children that honor and celebrate what makes them unique. Her mission is to help parents express their love for their kids through her art.

Kate graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Painting but no idea how she would turn her dream of becoming a full-time artist into a reality. She worked as a gallery assistant, a sales clerk, and an office manager; anything she could do to pay the bills and paint in her spare time. In 2010 after an unexpected lay-off, Kate hired a business coach and found her unique niche painting children.

Kate is a young artist on the rise whose work has been acquired by notable public collectors, such as the American Cancer Society and Auburn University.


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