• "Kate's artwork is classic and fresh....just breathtaking."

    -Micki Martin, Memphis, TN  

  • "Our portraits are a family heirloom we plan to pass on."

    -Ben and Lauren Keras, Memphis, TN

  • "I really feel like I'm looking at my son."

    -Katherine Bush, Memphis, TN

  • "Callie's hands and expression are just so sweet.”

    -Betsy Sanders, Memphis, TN   



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Kate takes pictures of your child in a variety of poses and settings.



The portrait completion is
celebrated with a
Portrait Unveiling Party

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A Professional Artist?

A gentleman contacted me last week because he was interested in portraits of his three kids. This was unusual because normally it’s the moms who reach out to me. But every once in a while I’ll get a commission from the dad.

Thayne and his wife Anne live in a beautiful home in the Shady Grove area with their three children: Lillian and twins Matthew and Mitchell. The family recently moved into a new home and were in the middle of renovations when I met them.

Thayne and Anne seemed very much in love, and they shared with me the story of their relationship. Thayne said that whenever he gets asked what he wants for Christmas, he always responds that he wants good memories and a means to keep them. His recent birthday gave him time to reflect on his “three bundles of chaos” and how they’ve all changed.

Thayne has an avid interest in art and is a Caroll Cloar collector. During our time together, I met the twins and took a tour of the house. The …