• "Kate's artwork is classic and fresh....just breathtaking."

    -Micki Martin, Memphis, TN  

  • "Our portraits are a family heirloom we plan to pass on."

    -Ben and Lauren Keras, Memphis, TN

  • "I really feel like I'm looking at my son."

    -Katherine Bush, Memphis, TN

  • "Callie's hands and expression are just so sweet.”

    -Betsy Sanders, Memphis, TN   



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Nellie | Child Portrait | Kate Bradley

A Crippling Love

I had some really interesting conversations with moms this week. I’m working on a concept to do a series of blog posts on motherhood. My plan is to feature a portrait each month accompanied by an interview with the mother. The inspiration behind this project is to better understand what it’s like to be a mom, both for myself and for my work. I want to be a mom one day and I want to help moms celebrate their relationships with their children through my work.
One friend I was talking with the other day is a new mom. I asked her what was one thing she would want her child to know. She told me about how much she loves her son. She said it’s almost a crippling love. You feel so bound to this little person that you don’t want to ever be apart from them. She said having a son completely rocked her world- it changed everything.
She said the love she feels for her son is like no other. It’s different from the love she has …