Ana, Age 4, Oil on canvas

Ana, Age 4, Oil on canvas

To say Ana is vivacious is an understatement. Her mom, Patricia, is from the Dominican Republic and Ana has her fiery Latina spirit. It was a joy to paint her. Ana loves to dance and she's a real girly-girl. But she's confident in herself, even at such a young age.

At this special time in Ana's life, her mom wanted to capture her in a portrait. Patricia told me how quickly she saw her daughter growing and changing. Before she knew it, Ana was becoming an independent young girl.

That's when Patricia contacted me about painting her portrait.

I begin each commission with a consultation to get to know the parent and the child. This is a vital step in my process that allows me to more fully capture the personality of my young subject. That's because it's my mission to help kids feel loved and valued for who they are.

Ana is certainly loved and celebrated for who she is. Her portrait symbolizes that.